Finding inspiration to create a unique and fashionable ensemble can come from using nature as your guide. Using the physical world of plants animals or landscapes will lead you into executing a phenomenal expression of ones stylist flair.Tropical flowers have beautiful blends of hues that complement each other. Take the blue crown passion flower from South America found in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. It’s sepals and petals are similar whitish color. The filaments are cornea of blue or violet and its stamens are greenish yellow with purple stigmas. It’s beauty is undeniable and you can blend all the hues it posses to create a unique stylist get up.  If your ever in doubt on which hues match refer to nature or use the complementary colors from the color wheel. Be daring and unafraid to be different so take risk mixing hues. Remember fashion has no rules it’s merely an expression of ones own uniqueness. So be inspiring and set trends of your own.

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